Traffolyte labels are used in many applications when you need permanent clear marking of equipment for example. They are used a lot in the electrical industry, and the transport industry. Traffolyte labels don’t conduct electricity, so they are the perfect solution for substation labelling. 

Historically Traffolyte labels were engraved with a cutter which could give limitations to the design of labels. This is because intricate logos for example wouldn’t engrave very clearly. This isn’t a problem anymore as many Traffolyte labels are laser engraved which means you can get a really fine marking. 

They are usually laser cut too which means it is quick and easy to include any cut-outs you need in your design. The is particularly useful for control panel manufacturers who need lamp holes and the like for their panels. 

What colour is Traffolyte available in?

You can get Traffolyte in many colour options. The most popular ones are often black on white, black on yellow, white on black, white on red, red on white and white on blue. These are often used for marking phases hence red, yellow and blue are popular colour options. You can now also get modern colours such as florescents. And even natural effect options such as different stone and marble effects. These look really effective and you’d have to be looking very closely with an unnaturally high level of attention to detail to notice they weren’t the real thing. 

Will traffolyte labels fade?

Because the text is engraved through the surface of the Traffolyte material into the different coloured core underneath. The text can’t rub off or fade over time in the same way it can with printed labels. 

Some traffolyte material shouldn’t be used for labels going outside as it isn’t UV stable. However, the traffolyte material we use is. Read more about Traffolyte labels from Total Industrial Engraving.