Let’s face it times are hard for everyone these days. We all could use some extra cash, but what’s the most productive way of generating extra income in the shortest amount of time? I have tried many non-traditional ways of making money, many of which did not work. Though I have always known the Internet was where the money was, the question was, what’s the best way to start making money today? I’ve spent the past 4 years using the following methods to make at least $1000 each month working only a few hours a Extra Cash Each Month week.


We have to start with eBay because that’s where I got my start. It’s free and simple to open an account and it can make you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per Earn Extra Cash Each Month month by working only a few hours a week.

If you’re scared about getting started, just buy something through eBay that you needed anyway. That way you’ll get your feet wet, and better understand how it all works. After you feel comfortable, just sell off all the things that you don’t want, never use, or don’t like. Chances are you have over $1000 of stuff you don’t need just gathering dust in your basement, attic, or garage. After you sell all of you own stuff, use some of that money to buy items at garage sales, thrift stores, and auctions, to keep a steady supply of items list and sell on eBay.

Affiliate Marketing

Can’t come up with invention or product, no problem. Affiliate Marketing is another great way to get started today making thousands per month promoting other peoples products. Affiliate Marketing sites such as Clickbank have thousands of products available that you can become and Affiliate for and make $1000’s of dollars in extra income each month.

Many Affiliate Marketing site like Clickbank are free to simple to join. They have literally thousands of products that you can search through and become an affiliate marketer for.

Here’s how it works. First you just sign up at a Free Affiliate Marketing site and then search through the information products, until you find something that looks interesting and that you’ would like to promote. Once you have made your selection the Affiliate Marketing site will then generate your links, you then post your links around the web and when a visitor follows through with a purchase off one of you links you get paid. You can promote as many products as you wish. People are making thousands of dollars each and every month with affiliate marketing!