Trends are always & ever-moving, and this is because they are always coming in and out of style frequently. Sometimes, these trends vanish from the phase of fashion much before we start trying them out. In the world of interior decoration, it is a plethora of surreal patterns have begun marking their existence. Many vintage aesthetics have started making grand tableau comebacks, and also, they are highly favoured by the people today. Some designers have come up with an array of brand-new ideas for transforming a dreary house into the most charming one by using pop colours. Whereas, others are getting back the old designs with a pinch of tableau animaux luxury.

New Trends in the world of Interior Decoration

Following the grand development that is rapidly taking place in Dubai, there exists a need for its
resident to maintain a pace with the trends. Thus, a good number of trends in Interior Designing are introduced during this year.

1- Colour it Green

Presently entailed that green colour has been stealing the hearts of many in the UAE. It has been in trend in the interiors and regional fashion too since a long time as far as we can recall being in Dubai and other parts of UAE. This interior designing is done to connect with nature and gain a desire for greenery. The ‘green wall concept’ is highly favoured, and thus, it is meant to stay for a notable time. As notified, this interior design shall drastically increase in use in the coming future and also, it will have a variety of multiple textures too.

2- Smaller Floorplans

The cost of land and apartments have drastically reached heights in Dubai, people have now started relying on smaller floorplans. This has been considered as a smarter way of planning a luxurious living and that too in a smaller place. The trend of smaller floorplans in interior designing is highly efficient. If you are associated with an eminent and very knowledgeable designer, he/she is undoubtedly going to use every inch of your room for serving the creativity purposes.