New Zealand is one of the top backpacking destinations in the world,with plenty of things to see and do surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature that you’ll find on the planet. New Zealand isn’t as small as you’d think, it is spread out on two islands and with all the mountains around, transportation can take some time, but luckily there are a number of ways to get around reliably. There are a number of ways to explore the country and some general tips will be offered up here in this article to ease the journey while enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer. 
One of the first things you’ll need to figure out when planning your backpacking trip to New Zealand is where you are going to go and what you are going to do. New Zealand offers relaxing natural experiences like hot springs as well as thrilling experiences like heli-skiing or bungee jumping. Some of these places are difficult to get, taking time or money or both to get there, so to stay on budget it is better to plan out your route beforehand. Most people will end up coming in to the busiest airport in the country in Auckland, so many travelers work their way south from there, heading to some sights on the North Island before heading to the Southern Alps in the South Island. There is plenty of great places on the North Island like Auckland itself, the Coromandel, Ninety Mile Beach, Lake Taupo, and Wellington. Heading to the South Island (if you get time to make it there) you can check out Christchurch, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Mount Cook, and Abel Tasman National Park.
To get around in New Zealand there are several options for transportation, but assuming you are a backpacker reading this you’d want to save money by traveling cheaper. There are some low cost domestic airlines that can get you over larger distances faster but this depends on your financial situation. Most backpackers will end up renting a car or a campervan, which is quite popular and convenient to do in New Zealand. There are many places in New Zealand that allow for freedom camping, which means that in New Zealand most places you are allowed to camp 200m from any road as long as there isn’t a sign forbidding it. There are trains in New Zealand but many of them are aging, but offer beautiful scenery like the TranzAlpine which goes along the rugged West Coast of the South Island. For the big spenders, there are some absolutely awesome helicopter rides to be found in New Zealand, taking you to places that are really difficult to get to deep inside the Southern Alps. Another things to consider is, if you are using a rental car or campervan and planning to cross from the North Island to South Island, book a ferry ride in advance to avoid waiting onshore. 
Some other tips that are more general backpacking tips can be applied to New Zealand as well. Be on the lookout for free wifi, the wireless internet is expensive in New Zealand otherwise, and can be difficult to find in more remote areas. Wellington has free wifi in the city center, Scenic Circle hotels offer free wifi in their common areas, McDonald’s restaurants have free wifi, many libraries offer free wifi and MagicBus offers bus rides around the country with wifi on the go. Also save money by not eating out so much, and cooking in the campervan or the hotel room. Bring the right gear with you, warm clothes are necessary in New Zealand even in the summer, especially in the mountains. And last but not least be ready with a camera as New Zealand is full of gorgeous photo worthy locations that will leave your camera full of wonderful memories.