Since last year, the share of own-brand vehicles has been declining. To the proportion of the first two months share compared with last year, own brand micro car in the domestic passenger car dropped from 72% to 63%, the proportion of small cars of its own brand in the same period also declined from 39% to 30%. Visible, pressure momentum under the joint venture brands unprecedented strengthening the Suzuki Wagon R in the 2011 mini-car sales charts, ranked No. 5 this year, has moved to the A ranks, the Chevrolet Sail sedan snatch originally belonged to the FAW Axial compartment of the small car sales Auto verkopen throne.

But not every level of market share of own-brand vehicles are on the auto opkoper decline, after analysis, the share of more than a compact level maintained at 2011 levels, the compact car share remained at around 28.5%.

All along, the main models of compact cars in China’s car consumption; you can put the compact car to gain power, the loss of the compact car lost world. 2011 sales of compact cars about 63% of the total sales, the first two months of this year, the share is already close to 67%. Therefore, the own brand compact car sales are also much more than other levels of total sales. In this sense, the share of own brand compact car, remain of great significance for China’s national auto industry is well deserved mainstay.

The compact car is the main market of the family cars, the models are the most abundant, competition is fierce. According to incomplete statistics, in sales of models there are 87 kinds, of which 45 kinds of own-brand models, the average monthly sales of less than 2900, 42 kinds of joint brand models, the average monthly sales over 7700. Compared with sales of joint venture brands, independent brands at a relative disadvantage, monthly sales of the joint venture brands close or reach more than 10,000 cars are about 14 kinds of domestic brands Great Wall Tingyi C30, BYD F3, Imperial EC7 three models. Among them, the Great Wall Tingyi C30 monthly sales of 15,100, the leader of the domestic brands, BYD F3 and Imperial EC7, followed by 13500, 09200.

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