Feeding a Joint Supplement can make a huge difference to a
horse but what are horse supplements the essential ingredients in a modern high
spec Joint Supplement, this article explains all.
A horse’s joints are subject to considerable wear and tear, having
to bear the entire weight of the horse and rider, often under
exacting conditions. Horses equine nutrition today are required to perform athletic
movements on a variety of terrains, whether you compete over
jumps, cross country, in dressage arenas or simply hack around
roads and fields.
A horse’s leg is made up of bones, tendons and ligaments, which
need to move together smoothly to enable the horse to move with
confidence and without pain. Cartilage acts as a cushion between
bones, absorbing impact and providing the ‘spring’ necessary to
facilitate the next movement. Every gait and discipline subjects
these delicate structures to tremendous force: consider the load
on a horse’s front legs when he or she lands after clearing a fence.
For a moment the horse must bear its entire weight, and that of
the rider, along with the downward forces of impact with the
ground, before the hind hooves make contact
With horses nowadays continuing to lead full and useful lives well
into their twenties and even beyond, it makes good sense to
ensure that their diet contains all the necessary nutrients to
support the joints throughout every stage of life. Every horse
owner knows only too well the consequences of a tendon or
ligament injury, resulting in months of box rest, with possible
negative consequences for the remainder of the horse’s life in
some cases.
In considering a joint supplement for your horse, it’s important to
look at the specific nutrients that will provide the greatest benefits,
supporting the leg structures, increasing flexibility and promoting
strong and healthy tissue. Scientists have identified a number of
ingredients which have been clinically proven to improve a horse’s
way of going, whilst aiding healing and preventing the risk of
future injury.
Glucosamine is well-documented as an important supplement for
promoting good joint health in humans, and it has proven to be
equally effective in the equine world. Glucosamine Hydrochloride,
also known as Glucosamine HCL, is a superior form of the
supplement, which promotes healing at a cellular level, targeting
ligaments, cartilage, tendons and synovial fluid, making it one of
the most important aspects of any effective joint supplement.
Hyaluronic Acid also known as HA is a key ingredient for
lubricating the horse’s joints, reducing and preventing
inflammation and helping to cushion the joints from impact. It
may even help to repair damaged tissue surrounding the horse’s
joints, making it a priority for all high spec equine joint
Chondroitin Sulphate binds together with elastin and collagen in
the joints, promoting the formation of healthy cartilage. It forms
the basis of any effective joint supplementation regime and is
particularly recommended for older horses, who need this
ingredient in their diet if they are to maintain good joint function
throughout their lives.
MSM, or methylsulphonyl-methane, is known to enhance the
effects of glucosamine. It contains high levels of sulphur, which is
an important mineral that promotes healthy ligaments, muscles
and soft tissues.
Finally, Omega 3 is an essential compound which is known to
contribute to the horse’s overall health, promoting good joint
health, maintaining bone density, increasing the elasticity of
delicate tissues and reducing inflammation.
Premier Flex HA from Equine Answers includes all of the above
ingredients at high levels. Many equine joint supplements are
basically Glucosamine and MSM supplements with very little or no
HA or chondroitin. Premier Flex HA is the choice of many horse
owners across the UK and Europe and because customers can buy
a very high spec product direct from the manufacturer at a
cheaper price than many inferior tack shop brands.
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