Car salvage yards are places meant for disposing off old cars when they become old and many a times are not in a condition to be repaired. The scrap my car in richmond condition of the car can vary and thus the way they are disposed can also vary. Really old cars are scrapped and then pressed under the metal pressers after which their flat metal bodies are sold to metal scrap yards (if the car salvage yard does not deal with scrap metal otherwise there is no selling). Some not-so-old cars are sometimes bought by car collectors and enthusiasts and are repaired and used again. People who remember watching junkyard wars will know what I am talking about. There are different uses of an old car but the bottom line is that it all happens in a scrap yard.

Cars are generally stacked one on top of each other in scrap yards and customers can pull whatever parts they want from the cars and pay the yard owners. Such yards are called “you pull it yards” and allow the customers to look around, explore and buy the car parts they want to. In other type of yards, the spare parts are stored in a warehouse from where the customers can buy them. Today, the yards are all connected through a central system so if you want any car-part you can buy them from whatever yard it is available at. This makes a better delivery system of car-parts amongst customers.

Scrap yards take care that all the required steps for scrapping the cars are followed and the car is scrapped without any problems. This includes many steps such as first of all, the pollution check of the car and then making sure that the environment papers are in place. It is important to follow all environment guidelines while disposing the car as is good for the environment and also because it is required by law.

Then it is required to check the engine and other major parts place no hazard to human beings (while the car is being scrapped). The most important thing is to check if all the oils and fluids of the body are drained properly and that the car is completely dry. The fluids of the car such as brake oil and the petrol can be a major safety threat to human beings while scrapping the car. Old batteries are also a health threat as they start leaking if not used for a long time.