Gel nailsthese layers combine and harden to form a solid nail. Depending on the formula a particular nail technician uses,nails are hardened with an ultraviolet curing light or under ordinary room lighting. Gel nails are among the most natural-looking of the nail enhancements – something to keep in mind if you want nails that look like your own, only longer and stronger.Using nail tipsNail tips are one of the oldest forms of nail tim viec lam nail enhancements. Preformed plastic nail shapes are applied to the natural nail plate with nail glue. Sometimes they cover the nail from the cuticle to the end, but more frequently they are applied midway down the nail plate. To get a smoother finish, some nail techs may apply acrylics, gel, or wraps over either the natural “untipped” nail or both the natural nail and the newly affixed nail tip. The entire shape is then sanded and filed into the length and shape you want.Nail artPerhaps you’re a showy type, someone who loves to express herself through her appearance. For you, a shockingly bright, trendy-colored nail isn’t enough. You want to set yourself apart from the manicured crowd. From the sound of it, you are a nail art kind of gal. Nail art is not so much a way to augment nails’ length as it is a way to enhance their appearance.There are several ways you can dress up nails. Decals – much like the decals you got from boxes of sugared cereal, and stuck on windows or your own body as a kid – are an easy way to add whimsy to your nails. Most nail salons have a selection of seasonal (jack o’lanterns, snowflakes) as well as standard (roses, stars) designs. These are embedded in slightly sticky nail color. When nail color is dry, a swipe of top coat keeps decals secure.Decorative nailsNail jewelry can be expensive 14-karat gold, but it is usually made of cheaper silver­or gold-colored metals. Most nail jewelry comes in simple designs, such as initials, stars, and hearts; it is applied just like nail decals. For those with very long nails, there is another type of nail jewelry: earrings for nails. If you’re interested, your nail technician will actually pierce one of your nails and install a stud or a small hoop. Nail detailing, sometimes simply called nail art, uses extra-fine paintbrushes and several colors of nail polish, which your nail technician uses to paint scenes onto the nail. The finished product depends greatly on your nail technician’s skill as a fine artist.