Orthopedic surgeons who have patients with scoliosis must carefully evaluate their patient’s condition and plan the scoliosis surgeries they perform. Since scoliosis causes abnormalities of the spine, it is important for the surgeon to be able to fully examine the condition of a specific patient. Although two-dimensional images have been helpful to surgeons, a new technology is giving surgeons an actual model of the patient’s spine that they can hold in their hands and view from any angle. They can also easily consult with other surgeons and the patient using the Orthopaedic surgeon model.

This ground-breaking technology is being embraced by orthopedic surgeons as it helps them to diagnose the damage the scoliosis has done and to plan detailed procedures that can improve the patient’s condition. Unfortunately this innovation has not come to the attention of every surgery performing these procedures. If you are a patient with scoliosis, ask your doctor if he has heard of this technology and whether he will be using it in your treatment, especially if you are facing a scoliosis orthopaedic surgeon Melbourne operation.

A patient with scoliosis of the spine has a CAT scan or MRI and the images are used to form an exact replica of the patient’s spine. A bone like powder is used in a patented production method to form the model. The doctor can use this model to show the patient their specific spinal condition and to explain the procedures he is recommending.

These three-dimensional models are accurate to within 1/35th of a millimeter and give your doctor the best way to get the information he needs to make an informed and accurate decision about the condition of your spine and your scoliosis treatment. Being able to prepare for problems that can occur during surgery, that are not revealed with traditional imagery, can mean a shorter and more successful result.

Having a three-dimensional, Anatomically Correct Reference Model (ACRM) of your spine can result in a more accurate diagnosis, a more specific treatment plan, and less time in scoliosis surgery. A highly skilled surgeon, equipped with this latest technology, can aid in your treatment for scoliosis and recovery from this debilitating condition.

As exciting as this technology is, unfortunately it isn’t well known in the surgical community. Be sure let your physician or surgeon know about these amazing 3D models so that you can be sure that they have the very best tools available when planning on how they are going to operate on you.