Greetings, I will cut to the chase – if you have founded
this page that could only mean one thing…you want a
proven web marketing technique that will attract more
targetted web traffic to your web site and you want to do
it all for FREE (no hidden charges, no fee, no Live24Cams affiliates).
Who doesn’t? 🙂

So what’s Link Exchange anway?

Link exchange is also known as reciprocal link exhange,
link swap, link trade – you place my link information on
your site and I will place yours on my site. It’s like a
barter rade of exchanging links – you scratch my back,
and I’ll scratch yours…sounds familiar?

The best thing about this form of web promotion is that it’s
literally FREE and is the most cost-effective way to improve
your link popularity.

Note: Link exchange will NOT boost your page rank…
link popularity and page rank is two different stories.
I will reveal two excellent tools to determine your link
poularity and page rank later…

Link exchange will NOT bring you an immediate surge or flood
of web visitors rushing to your web site. It’s more like a
long term advertising, slowly building up the momentum by
increasing your link popularity.

Link exchange can also be thought of as a FREE form of
quality advertising for your site. Imagine this, your link
partner’s visitor visit his/her page, couldn’t find what
he/she is looking for, click on the links page to search for
more resources…and your site is included in the link page.
What does this means for you? Exactly, FREE targetted
visitors for your web site!

WARNING: Exchanging links with unrelated web sites
can be HARMFUL & DANGEROUS to both
your site and even your business reputation!