A manor house formed the center of an agricultural estate. The owner could be a nobleman as well as a knight or a rich burgher. Every now and then we offer manor houses for sale that include a winery makler historische immobilien. How about such a winery?

Whether a castle, a fortress or a manor house – all objects with their peculiarities and differences exude charm and history. We also have castle-like villas or magnificent half-timbered houses in our offer. Furthermore, there is the possibility to buy condominiums in a historical building and enjoy the ambience in this way,

Without having to worry about the preservation of the building or its use. If you are interested in buying a historical property, we will be happy to explain in more detail the differences between fortress, castle and manor house.

You will find that well-preserved, well-maintained historic properties are offered at purchase prices lower than those of a single-family home in a metropolitan area.