John Houlding had established the hugely popular Liverpool Football Club in the year 1892. He was the owner of Anfield Road Stadium. Occupants of Anfield Road were Everton FC but they shifted their base to Goodison Park due to some disagreements with Concert tickets Houlding.

This resulted in the formation of Liverpool Football Club and appointment of Irishman, John McKenna. He had lots of links in the Scottish Football and formed a 13 players squad which includes 9 Scottish. During the first season, the second division championship has been won by the liverpool FC. On 18th 1896, Liverpool won highest ever League by defeating Rotherham United with 10-1 in the second division.

In the year 1906, The Reds have won the second league title and successfully attained first FA Cup final in the year 1914. Year 1973 marked important place in the history of Liverpool FC, as it has won the prestigious UEFA Cup, European Honor under the supervision of Bill Festival tickets Shankly.

For the shock of Reds, Shankly decided to make an exit from Liverpool FC the next year. His exit marked an entry of Bob Paisley. In the year 1976, League title and UEFA Cup were brought home by Paisley. The next season was more remarkable with more titles, which include league title, European Cup and European Super Cup.

During 1982-83 season, Paisley took retirement and marked an entry for Joe Fagan. During his first season, the club won league title, league cup and European Cup. Liverpool is certainly one of the best football clubs with huge fan following.