No security is hundred percent reliable unless monitored. Today, 24-hour security monitoring is the first step in any security plan and most alarm-monitoring-companies operate state-of-the-art facilities to serve security alarm customers across the globe. While some companies charge a hefty sum for the security monitoring services rendered, others are quite reasonably priced. However what many people still do not know is the wide range of features and services that accompany the varying monitoring rates quoted by these competitor price monitoring firms.

The basic goal of all alarm monitoring companies, irrespective of their monitoring rates is to verify the authenticity of a triggered alarm and effectively respond to the distress signal by immediately dispatching security units to the premise facing security breach. Reputed alarm companies usually monitor home security systems from a local station and are trained to respond to the emergency situation with their own response security within the shortest alarm response time of five minutes. These companies have a strict set of guidelines that they adhere to in the event of an alarm trigger and their high price tag covers the expense incurred for their exclusive security personnel, 24-hour monitoring equipments, high-tech devices, state-of-the-art offices and so competitive intelligence forth.

Other less established and cheaper monitoring firms who monitor homes from a remote third party station will simply alert the police after an alarm has been verified. This often takes the longest alarm response time of around forty five minutes. Since these companies are not equipped with their own monitoring or security response teams, they contract out the service to other sub-standard companies. Hence the relatively cheaper monitoring rate for shoddy service rendered.

Well-established alarm monitoring companies quote a higher rate partly because of their goodwill and to a great extent for their team of experienced and highly-trained home security professionals who have the expertise to handle emergency situations in a timely manner. These companies also have a back-up monitoring center and built-in redundancies for its power, computer and phone lines that will continue monitoring secured homes should there be power problems at the main center. Such sophisticated features are simply not a part of monitoring companies who attract hapless home owners with their low-priced monitoring rates.