Ok, so let’s talk this through. The gentleman below chats about medical science. Medical science is chemistry. Medical science cannot study reflexology as it is not chemistry massage therapist near me based. Because it is something DONE to you, it cannot be replicated over and over…you are different immediately to some small degree that would invalidate chemical testing. Chemical testing is based on something being repeatable over and over—whether a 2 year old does it or someone with 18 PhDs. That doesn’t work for hands on therapies. Anyone who expects that (which is pretty much anyone in the medical field) is not thinking things through and is instead basing their expectations on their own biases, not factual massage spa reality.

I am an acupuncturist, not a reflexologist 🙂 BUT in acu I have points on the back of the hand that are famous for helping back pain. I have had people walk in, and I palpated those points for 5 minutes (no needles) and they walked straighter and had less pain.

Of course acupressure isn’t as long lasting as needles, but it does make the point. (pun intended)

Let’s talk about reflexology for a bit. It’s loosely based on a map of the body on the feet, with the areas ‘reflecting’ various body parts. Can this heal cancer? No probably not. I don’t know about you, but I would never settle on ONE approach to cancer. You’d need a multifaceted approach. But it can over time stimulate the body to healthier function, which means it will be better positioned to fight off viruses, bacterial infections and yes, by default, cancer.

Let’s talk about scientific testing.

I am going to speak very strongly here, because I basically think people are a bit stupid here. Medicine is based on chemistry. I talked to a lab guy doing my blood test, and he said, yeah, well, I’m a science guy. I said no you’re not. You’re a chemistry guy. He looked at me oddly and said, same thing. I said no it’s not the same. Science is electricity, mathematics, physics, music and many more things inclusive of chemistry. Medicine presupposes that chemistry is all there is —the be all and end all—and that’s that. Pretty arrogant, really. And they don’t even see it because it’s programmed into them.