Student tours are special, not only because of the students involved, but because those particular tours rely on a more educational experience than simply “touristy” tours. The optimal tour, of course would be one that you design around your Escorts Australia curriculum.

Sydney, Australia lends itself to being an experience that will not only be educational, but fun as well for both the students and those accompanying the students. Often led by well-trained and knowledgeable tour directors Sydney offers beauty as well as Escorts Melbourne excitement.

What to see

One of the most beautiful attractions that Sydney has to offer is the famous Sydney Harbor that is highlighted by the incredible Sydney Opera House, which is designed to appear as if it is a succession of shells lined up at different angles to each other. The opera house features not only operas but houses many diverse performing arts, such as theater, ballet and other musical endeavors. Many are surprised to hear that it is actually seven different theaters. Theater enthusiasts will especially enjoy the backstage tours.

Situated immediately adjacent to the Sydney Opera House is the Sydney Harbor Bridge known colloquially as “The Coathanger” for the way that it seems to hang together. It crosses Port Jackson. From the harbor area one can arrange to take a dinner cruise that allows you to view the picturesque city from a diverse viewpoint.

Students especially will love the experience of taking part in the Sydney Tower Skywalk. The first part of the tour will have them changing into protective blue clothing and then being safety harnessed. The excitement comes when they are escorted up to a dizzying height way above the city and are led to overhanging platforms whose floor is glassed to admire the views. The faint of heart are warned that this may be an overwhelming experience. Subsequently, one may enjoy the Australian dining experience in the revolving restaurant that is part of the Sydney Tower.

Bondi Beach, is close to the business center of Sydney, but it offers astoundingly thrilling excitement to students. On the golden sands of the beach, one can find an entire day of fun and pleasure. The surf there is abundant for surfing, and all other water sports are participated in, such as deep sea diving, snorkeling, and kayaking to name only a few. On the beach itself there are continuous volleyball games that students can participate in. Bondi Beach also flourishes in delightful restaurants and cafes.

Tarongo Zoo is a never-forgotten experience for students. Native animals are exhibited including the ubiquitous kangaroo. Other native animals comprise of wallabies, Tasmanian devils, koalas, Tasmanian wolves, platypus, wombats, and echidnas. Be sure not to miss the Great Oceans Exhibit, where they have created quasi-natural habitats that include, but are not limited to, aquatic seals, pelicans and penguins.