Bitcoin and digital currencies by and large, have become quite possibly of the most discussed monetary subject; a developing number of Ghanaians are keen on purchasing Bitcoin with Mobile Money otherwise called Momo. This post will tell you the best way to purchase Bitcoin in Ghana utilizing MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, and AirtelTigoCash. buy bitcoin with mobile 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a computerized money that works liberated from any focal control or oversight of banks or government, it is virtual instead of paper and coin-based.

Digital currency permits us to send cash starting with one region of the planet then onto the next in a safe and quick way with exceptionally low expenses.

What is the best Bitcoin Wallet?

Prior to purchasing Bitcoin with versatile cash, you want a Bitcoin Wallet. You can utilize different Bitcoin wallets, however for the best outcomes, we suggest Mybitstore Wallet and other digital currency wallets. You’ll have to place cash into your versatile money wallet. From that point forward, you’ll have to find a Ghanaian bitcoin trade that acknowledges portable cash.

How to purchase bitcoins in Ghana with versatile cash?

Since there are so many bitcoin trades in Ghana that permit you to purchase bitcoin utilizing portable cash, you should look at the stage’s straightforwardness, speed, and trade charges prior to settling on one. One application we certainly prescribe to purchase Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin utilizing Peer-to-Peer exchanging (P2P), Over the Counter (OTC) for Bitcoin, OTC for USDT (Tether), and trade Gift Cards, is Mybitstore.

Subsequent to joining to Mybitstore, you might utilize these guidelines to purchase Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin, and trade Gift Cards for Bitcoin.

With the end goal of this article, the MYBITSTORE application will be utilized to make sense of the accompanying cycles.

Instructions to purchase Bitcoin/Sell Bitcoin Directly With Mobile cash on Mybitstore

First snap on the ‘Purchase/Sell button

At Buy/Sell, select the choice to Buy/SellDIRECTLY WITH MYBITSTORE

Select BITCOIN from the resulting spring up

Pick whether to purchase bitcoin or sell bitcoin

Assuming that you are purchasing, enter the sum and snap on the review button for your exchange synopsis

Click on START BUY TRADE Button to start the exchange

Make installment to the Mobile cash number | Bank subtleties expressed (benevolently share verification of installment in the talk box) and snap on the I HAVE PAID button for the arrival of BTC

In the event that selling, the dealer should constantly have their Bitcoin in their Mybitstore Account before they start a sell exchange.

Guarantee your installment subtleties (Mobile cash number) as shown in the see are right.

If in any case, select alter, or go to the cabinet board to alter and save your new installment number.

When an exchange is started adhere to the guidelines the exchange visit to finish the cycle

Ghana’s just OTC P2P crypto exchanging stage

 Instructions to send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Wallet

Click on the wallet button

Select send button to continue

Select BTC from the resulting spring up

You can reorder the location or snap on the output symbol in the left corner

In the event that you decide to examine, you can filter the location, enter the sum you need to send

Click on pull out assets to finish the interaction

 Step by step instructions to Sell Bitcoin on P2P Market by making a deal

To start with, store Bitcoin into your Mybitstore wallet

Click on ‘Offers’ then the PLUS button

Select Sell

Pick your favored installment technique, select the money and enter a sum

Type in your favored Rate

Click Preview

A visit connection point will be opened between the merchant and purchaser to arrange and acknowledge exchange terms before they continue with installment

A message is shipped off the SELLER to caution that Bitcoin is removed, to an escrow, and the purchaser will make installment.

A message will be shipped off the purchaser to demand installment

In the wake of making the installment, the purchaser taps on the ‘I have paid button to alarm the merchant.

An alarm is then shipped off ”Seller’ to alter the installment that has been made by the purchaser

The ‘Seller’clicks on the installment button to deliver Bitcoin to the purchaser

A triumph message is shipped off both the purchaser and vender to affirm that the Bitcoin exchange was fruitful.