The Honduras soccer group or the Honduras National Football Team that passes by the moniker Los Catrachos is the country’s true soccer group. The group is under the administration of Federacion Nacional Autonoma de Futbol de Honduras. They were arising with power in the CONCACAF since there third spot envelop with the Copa Americana in 2001. Their interest in the said cup can be viewed as an inopportune one since they simply possibly supplanted Argentina when the last option retreated from the association daily before the start up. fcparma

Honduras had the option to qualify just a single time for the World Cup, that was in 1982. The group had figured out how to get a draw against two adversaries, the host Spain and one more with Northern Ireland, a record not terrible for the amateur in the most esteemed cup. They had the option to place themselves into the second spot for the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1991, their best record so far in the said association. It appears to be that the Honduran young men had dominated the intricate details of the UNCAF Nations Cup for they won in that opposition twice, first in 1993 and the following was in 1995. 

Thirteen years before at last meeting all requirements for the World Cup in 1982, the Honduran public group has had a passing match that began the Football War against El Salvador. That occasion incited hard and fast uproars between devotees of the two groups. The Salvadoran armed force prompted a hostile assault against Honduras that just a brief time after a truce was set in motion.