For over 2 centuries, a range of widgets have been used as tools for spying. The types, sizes, color, and technology employed in these spy gadgets have evolved over time from simple encrypted notes of the old 19th century gizmos to the advanced spy gadgets that have fascinated the minds of the modern generation today.

Hid tools utilized for espionage and surveillance, spy gadgets have exploded into main line popularity as a few variations are now supplied and affordable for even the standard Joe. But this booming popularity can be assigned more due to popular films and TV programs that have stirred the imagination of old and young alike.

Blockbuster flicks featuring James Bond, Jason Bourne, The Italian Job, Ocean’s eleven and a large number of other spy and action flicks never ceased to dazzle audiences with their impressive selection of spy gadgets. The big-screen does not have a monopoly of featuring these superb spy gadgets as top-grossing TV programs like The Avengers, The Man From Uncle, Spooks, CSI, 24 and countless others feature one sort of spy device or another within their episodes.

Even the gaming world has gave much to the popularity of spy gadgets, and this virtual world is an even better platform to feature spy tools and technologies that aren’t even seen in the films. Spy gadgets and technologies like night vision, thermal imaging, wire cameras and so much more are integrated parts of popular  computer games like Splinter Cell, Call of Duty and other similar PC or console games.

Spy Gadgets : The Thin Line Between The Flicks And Real Life

While some amazing spy gadgets featured in these films, TV shows and computer games show out-of-this world technologies and may not be available in the real world yet there are crossover versions that are generally accessible in the market today. These include : Night vision goggles that use infrared technologies to allow users to see in the dark ; a wide variety of masked and pinhole cameras ; snake cams that can be inserted into tight spots ; signal jammers ; pen cameras ; hidden mics or bugs the list can go on endlessly.

While special agents like James Bond featured in these films use spy gadgets for covert operations against criminal masterminds, real life folk using similar tools use them in numerous everyday applications. Law enforcement agents and private investigators use these widgets on a daily basis for surveillance work or to monitor criminal activities. Private people use these devices for security purposes like night vision cameras and motion detectors to guard their houses and properties.

Increased Efficacy Using Camouflaged Or Hidden Spy Gizmos

Real life spy gadgets, as well as those used in the films, are effective only when they’re going undetected right from under the noses of folk under surveillance. These spy gadgets are no use if discovered and would regularly put our heroes in extraordinarily tight situations as in the case of Hollywood smashes.

The following is a partial listing of spy gadgets camouflaged or hidden inside other gizmos or objects to avoid detection. The possibilities can be never-ending, but here are some of the most common items utilized by people on a regular basis making them perfect items where a camera or bug can be hidden.

* Pen – tiny cameras or listening devices hidden within fully working pens. A good item to slip into any situation or location without folk hinting anything about them.