Does my venue allow fireworks?

It’s important to find out if your wedding venue allows fireworks, most do but some may have restrictions. In some cases the venue may have a preferred supplier, they may also specify the fireworks must be over by a certain time or that only ‘low noise’ fireworks may be wedding fireworks used. Very few venues allow you to set off your own fireworks because of the insurance liability. Illusion Fireworks Ltd have at £10m the highest level of insurance cover required by some venues.

How much should we spend?

We are often asked how much it will cost to provide a fireworks display, if we were to quote ten thousand pounds for a multiple site masterpiece when in fact the client was only looking for a five hundred pound flurry of golden willows they probably wouldn’t book! All of our displays are bespoke designed to suit your budget. Realistically a wedding fireworks display should cost between £1000 and £3500, we can provide displays locally for as little as wedding fireworks display £500!

Can we have fireworks to music?

Fireworks choreographed with split second accuracy to music will provide your guests with a memory they will never forget, fireworks visually reinforce the powerful emotions experienced while listening to music the two come together to create a unique spectacle. We can design a display choreographed to a piece of music, a favourite track or even your wedding song for as little at £1695 (including our PA system for up to 250 guests). Its best to have a dedicated PA (connected to our firing computer) between the audience and the fireworks, a DJ playing music from the marquee for your fireworks will be overpowered by the display!

Can we have our wedding colours in the display?

Can we can include the wedding colour scheme in the firework display, yes of course we can! We can start the display with your colours and include them in the finale, you can even have our famous firework rainbow or love heart shells (always a winner with the crowd!). There are many optional extra’s that allow you to tailor a display for your wedding for example you can start the display with our ‘Big Red Button’ or add a super big shell break to the end of the show!

Is it easy to arrange a fireworks display?

Booking couldn’t be simpler, once you have an idea of what you would like in your show and how much you want to spend (we can discuss any of the above to help you make a decision) we simply ask you to fill out a booking form and that is it! We handle the rest, we will liaise with the venue, carry out a site survey, design your show, setup the fireworks on the day, execute the display and tidy up afterwards. It’s as easy as that, now, are you thinking fireworks will be a superb way to end the day?!