Have you ever thought that even after proper cleaning,Dry Vs Steam Carpet Cleaning Methods Articles your house, office, hotel rooms, etc. seems to be full of carpet cleaning dirt? Moreover, do you see frequent episodes of allergies and infectious diseases affecting you and the people around you? Do you sense a damp and unclean environment around you? Then, there is a high chance that you are a victim of unclean and unhealthy carpet at your place.

What Are the Options We Have Then to Keep the Carpet Clean and dirt-free?

No matter how much you say that “My carpet is clean” there is still a high probability that germs and stains are residing in the carpet.

Let us have a quick look at how an unclean carpet affects carpet cleaning columbus you.

An unclean carpet means inviting germs, allergies, infections, fungal growth, and breathing issues. Kids and your pets are the most affected. The allergies can also be contagious, and so it means that more people can get infected.
Unclean carpet also means bad odour and can lead to nausea and headaches.
Spots and stains may be easily removed superficially but can be difficult to deal with when they are residing deep inside the carpet. “Stains” does not only mean marks and spots. The residue of a liquid spill or food spill, etc. are part of stains and are again a cause of an unhealthy environment.
Another thing to realize is that the carpet and its installation is not a pocket-friendly affair. So, where dust is a problem, liquid spills, food spills, soiled legs, bloodstains in hospitals, etc. are some other big challenges to be considered.
What are the Carpet Cleaning methods?

Over the years, many cleaning methods have evolved and the same is the case with the carpet cleaning area. We have advanced cleaning agents and tools in the market today that make the cleaning task easy and highly reliable.

There are two options available for carpet cleaning, wet and dry carpet cleaning. The IICRC has researched over the years and laid down clear standards for these methods.

Wet Carpet Cleaning – This involves steam, foam, and shampoo based cleaning methods. A mixture of chemicals, cleaning shampoo (if required), and steam is sprayed on the carpet as per the cleaning method used. The spray is allowed to settle down so that it acts on the stains and residue. Vacuum extraction is then used to clean the carpet.

Ever seen a person at the airport sitting on a vehicle that has rotators and constantly moving over the carpet? Wet carpet cleaning technique is used in that case.

Dry Carpet Cleaning – Most people think that the dry carpet cleaning method means simple vacuum cleaning. Though it is true to a certain extent, it also uses dry chemicals and just enough water to create moisture. The mixture is allowed to settle down and the carpet is then vacuum cleaned. This method is less intensive but is cheaper than the wet cleaning method.