Choosing good Conveyancing Solicitors is vital for a successful property transaction. Conveyancing solicitors who are on the ball can make the Reliable conveyancer finder difference between you winning and losing your dream property or you making your sale or not. What’s the number one thing to look for to make sure you choose a good conveyancing solicitor? It’s not what you think!

The usual answers we get are “competitive price” or “properly regulated” or “a firm with a good reputation”.

Yes, these are all important and the firm you choose should be / offer all three, but they’re not what’s most important. In our experience, the #1 factor that determines a good firm of conveyancing solicitors is whether they are prepared to offer a No Completion No Fee guarantee.

Think about it – if they don’t do their job properly and the sale falls through they don’t get paid! There’s no better incentive than that to do a good job!

Certainly, there are other reasons a sale might fall through, but poor service by solicitors is an all too frequent one – particularly when the time it takes to complete a transaction is often such an important factor. By getting things right quickly and getting them right first time your solicitors can maximise the chances of a successful transaction for you and minimise their own costs at the same time.

It’s a win win situation for you and them for the simple reason that by offering a No Completion No Fee guarantee they have instantly aligned your interests. One more thing to look for is a “Fixed Fee Quote”. This means that however long your transaction takes you have the “peace of mind” of knowing how much you’ll be paying at the end.