Although pet insurance has been available for approximately 20 years, many pet owners have never used it and are surprised that such a thing would even exist. After all, insurance is for Pet insurance people, right? Well, if you have ever had to use your savings account in order to pay for a pet’s surgery or if you have ever had to put a beloved pet to sleep because you couldn’t afford medical care, then you know the usefulness of dog insurance. As is the case with most other health-related expenses, the costs associated with an average pet’s medical care are rising all the time. If you have multiple pets, the cost of even the most basic care can be financially painful. When deciding whether or not to buy a health insurance policy for your pet, you have to ask yourself a few questions. 1. Do you consider your pet to be part of the family? 2. Would you be unable to pay for (possibly thousands of dollars in medical bills if your pet develops cancer or needs long-term medical care? 3. Would it absolutely break your family’s heart to have to euthanize your pet because you didn’t plan ahead for […] read more