I never imagined being so close and intimate to France, as I imagined in my dreams. My fantasies were expressed visually during my recent visit to France. To begin with, I don’t have enough words to express my feelings and happiness during my trip to France. It was a great trip, something I will remember forever. At one time, I was planning to go abroad with my family, but I couldn’t find the right place, because I dreamed of a place that was more than mountains, rivers and historical films. I wanted a place that had a little bit of everything – a good mix of modern and ancient; where the history of the century reaches from every corner, the sight meets the great beauty and the plethora of sights to watch. At one point, I thought I was asking a little, but I decided to use the help of my laptop. I scoured the net extensively to discover the world’s most popular tourist destinations. To fulfill my dream, I visited many sites, and to my surprise, France was ranked as the number one tourist destination in almost all sites. I immediately decided that my next summer vacation should be in France. I didn’t do much to convince my family. I showed them beautiful pictures of the French countryside and they were blown away. We planned to travel for a week and booked three tickets to France. Being the most visited country, the best accommodation and hotels in France are our main concern. But that was solved, when I found this interesting site besthotelsofeurope.com. This site offers online booking services for the best hotels in France and I also booked my hotels in France through this site, right from my home. I booked two luxury rooms in a four star hotel in France, at a competitive price. destinations en France 


Finally, the day came when I arrived in France. I went straight to my hotel room, after freshening up, I started my trip to France. My first stop was the Eiffel Tower. I breathed a sigh of relief! time I saw this iconic structure. Thousands of tourists flock here and its gardens are filled with lovebirds mingling with each other. Another place I saw the old Louvre was famous (remember, dearma’s film).