Cow hides are commonly known as the skin of the cow, which is natural. Cow hides are very popular for the leather that we obtain from them to make cow hide rug various by products like rugs, wallets, belts, boot, and purses. The skin is organised by the sizes, colours and quality it has. Because every product made out of it needs a different type of leather. The low quality hides are dyed or coloured to match a tiger or zebra skin. And the high-class hides are kept naturally untouched. The rugs obtained from the cow hides are being widely used as wall and floor cow skin rug decors. They have become the most popular item in decorating the homes, cafes and restaurants also. The cow skin is now being widely used for the decoration and has become a favourite for the interior designers to bring a shine in their beautification.

In cattle, cow is the most common kind of domestic animal. A cow is raised for its meat and dairy products. They are also allotted for selective services on the farms and leather that is obtained from the cow hide. It is taken proper care of for years of usefulness. The good quality hide is tanned naturally to give good leather and the low quality hide has to be tanned with chemicals to run shortly. The cow hide leather that is tanned by a natural process is soft and used for making by products like soft rugs, hand bags and soft couches.

When the cow is killed, it is deskinned.Then a tanner actually processes the skin with some chemicals and bleach to get good quality leather. This is the art of a tanner. He has the eye to see and recognise the type of skin the cow had and what best can be made out of it. From skinning the cow till the product is made ready to use, a lot of procedure is involved in taking care and getting the perfect leather.

Next time you see a cow, Think of all that it goes through when it is a livestock and also when it is slaughtered.If we dint have cow hide obtained from the cow, then a lot of things that we use regularly would have been scarce. Hence, it is essential to tame the cow as it is a largest domestic animal and be benefitted by the cow hides in numerous ways.