Barber chair is one of the most important barber equipment that should never miss in any barber shop. The essence of the chair is to make the customer relax throughout the time that his hair is being worked on so as to enable the barber to pay close attention while doing his job. For many barbers, getting the right chair can be a great Barber Supply challenge. There are several types that promise different levels of comfort but this should not be the only consideration while choosing the right chair. Consider the factors below in order to end up with the ultimate chair for your salon or barber Barber Supplies shop.

Adjustable heights

A good barber chair should allow for the adjustment of different heights. The clients will be of different heights and there will be need for the barber to decrease or increase the height in order to access the client more easily. An ideal one should have hydraulic pump like the Collins barber chair which makes it comfortable and easy for the barber to adjust various heights by simply using their foot.

Ability to recline and spin

The ability of the barber chair to recline and spin around is beneficial in a number of ways. It enables the barber to carry out activities such shaving or shampooing with a lot of ease because they are able to put the client in various comfortable positions while working on their heads. Reclining chairs also make it easy for the barber to wash the heads of the clients after shaving without the client having to leave the chair in order to access the taps.


Balance is of utmost importance during shaving. Certain shaving equipment like the oster 76 blade are normally sharp enough to cause serious injuries to the client encase of any unplanned movement during the shaving process. It is necessary to ensure that you use very stable chairs whose movements can be easily controlled. They should be fitted with a lock-in-place or any other mechanism that can keep it in position and stop it from unnecessary movement.