More and more themed weddings are now available to brides and grooms. While most of these themes are sentimental, there is also a great demand for cultural themes like Asian weddings. Asian weddings commonly refer to the customs of wedding ceremonies that come from South Asia, particularly India. These weddings could also refer to other Asian marrying traditions like Korean weddings and Chinese weddings. These weddings are relatively new to the western scene, and since they come from the traditions that are far different from Christian weddings, it takes some time for some brides other than people from Asian descent to buy into Asian weddings. That is why there are professional Asian wedding photographers and videographers that you can consult with to create the best Asian wedding photography London for you.

Indian Wedding Ceremonies

In the United Kingdom, the most visible of traditional marriage rites is an Indian wedding. People can describe Indian weddings as very bright, and filled with rituals in the ceremony. Indian weddings may continue on for several days, starting with the groom having a “tilak” ceremony, where he is anointed. There are also rituals where the family adorns the bride’s right hand and feet followed by music and dance as it leads to the wedding. The bride usually wears a red dress instead of the usual white gown. This bridal dress is called a ‘Sari.’ The Indian veil is called the ‘lehenga.’ Indian weddings symbolise the formal break off of the bride from her family as she joins his husband. There is also a lot of diversity within the Indian wedding cultures. For example, Hindu weddings are different from Indian weddings, although they have a lot of similarities. Indian weddings also differ depending on the caste or class status of the family.

East Asian Weddings

Other types of Asian weddings refer to East Asian cultures such as the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Korean and Chinese weddings are known for rituals that will let the families of the bride and groom know if they are a perfect match. In Korean, this is called Kung-Hap. A local fortuneteller is summoned to see if the couple can live together.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom gives a live goose to the bride’s mother-in-law. This symbolizes fidelity and faithfulness. The traditional Korean wedding gown is called Hanbok. Hanbok is made of white cotton, silk or hemp. The bride also has a headpiece crown or a white sash.

Asian Wedding Photographers

Many wedding photographers agree that it takes a special eye to bring out the brilliance of Asian weddings as compared to the traditional Christian weddings in the west. Asian wedding photographers have to capture a different culture and present it in a form that we can easily understand in the modern context. Asian wedding photographers must not only be able to take shots of the best wedding moments, but must also tell the story of the wedding from start to end. Since Asian weddings have different rituals, it takes talent to retell the story and retain the joy of the wedding in the pictures.

That is why Asian wedding photographers must possess a different method to portray fully an Asian wedding. This includes consulting the bride and the groom for creative input, or by building a package that fits well to the unique preference of the bride and the groom. Asian wedding photographers are used to different colours, and they must have knowledge on how Asian weddings work, so they can be at the right place at the right moment to shoot the perfect scene. Asian weddings are neither quiet nor simple. In fact, the energy in Asian weddings supersedes western weddings. Thus, it is important that Asian wedding photographers are able to capture the energy of the ceremony and the reception.