Amidst the confusion and the poor business opportunities in America and Europe, where should you go to start your business? And if you have been toiling with web development company that great idea of yours for the past year or so, and you are less optimistic about opportunities back home, why not go and seek out the best place in burgeoning Asia to get a start in life. Just a reminder that statistics shows that the chance of a new business going belly under in the first year of operation is more than ninety percent! And you do not wish to be just another statistic, do you? Now, although people have been forecasting that Asia is the next boom town, the reality is that not every place there has the potentials. In fact there are only a few locations there that is worth Techies App Technologies Sdn Bhd considering. Even in China, or for that matter India, you will not get a chance to survive, simply because the environment there is economically hostile, and being a foreigner, the chance of making it big will be very slim. However, there are diamonds among the crowd, and one of it is a little known township called “Cyberjaya”. Yes, it is far from the madding crowd, but potentially a very viable to start your business. And especially so if your calling business is Information Communication Technology based.

Just how alluring is it? Well, “Cyberjaya” is a 7000 acres township hived from a plantation next to the federal capital of Malaysia. It is a government project aimed at putting Malaysia in the map of world information technology. Here, everybody is talking information technology. If you have a fantastic idea and need a place to start developing that idea, this is the place to go. You will be whole heartedly welcome by the people here. And you will not feel lost. There are already four thousand companies here, big and small, strutting their ideas and making it work in this metropolis. Being an information technology center built from the ground up, you will have the best infrastructures including fiber optic cables, fast internet communications, well planned dwellings, good roadways, resort hotels and a lot of green lungs. It even houses a multi-media university to give appropriate synergy in case you need professional technical support. There is also an international class airport nearby; just twenty minutes drive away in case you need to fly to the other regions of Asia to network your business.

Besides the infrastructures, there are also other benefits that will help you in your business venture. As this is a government project, it has its own charter and bill of guarantee. You can also apply for what they called a Multi-Super Corridor (MSC) status company where you will be given some sort of pioneer status which will accord you a ten year free tax from company profits. There are now about two thousand over companies with such status, and among them are giants like Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Intel and Ericsson as well as small companies with just five workers. Here, the size of the company doesn’t count. If you have the technology, you are welcome anytime. And in case you need to expand your workforce, you will be given a lot of leeway to recruit foreign knowledge workers. Starting a business here is comparatively cheap, and if you have a top notch technology, you can even apply for government grants and other funds to help your business grow. If you need to bring in hardware, there are tax exemptions for them as well. You can even get special low cost software licenses from companies already resident here besides easy routes to capital transfers from here to other foreign countries. Unlike other neighboring countries, you can own full equities for the business entity if you so wish. And to top it of, English is the working language here.

But how about the market here, you might ask? Fortunately, there is a small, but good market here as the Malaysian government gives good support by helping to purchase the products generated in “Cyberjaya”. The government is always pro-business and you will always find a good reception for Information Communication Technology products as there is a high degree of computerization among the government and private entities. But after having said that, there is also a limit as to the amount of business that you can do here as the total population in this country is only about twenty four million. However, there is a very large population in the surrounding countries, figuring about two and a half billion people. So, the strategic location of “Cyberjaya” is that it is a good place to start your business in a small way and expand from there. As every business man will tell you, if you have all the support and can make it to the third year of your business, then failure will not be an option. Looking at the demographics of the region as a whole, you have over a billion Mandarin speakers in China and Taiwan and another billion Tamil speakers in India. And supposing that you need to expand to these two major regions, and then “Cyberjaya” will be a good starting point and training ground because you can find a large community of Mandarin and Tamil speakers among the population. So, when you have to deploy workers to these regions as your future managers, the problem of communication is taken away from your list. No other country has this advantage, besides tiny island state Singapore, which operates from a high cost base. Are you ready?