In just a decade, the significance of e-commerce websites has increased by 10 times. The busy life, hectic schedule, a frantic life style, lack of the management of commodities and the decline in unemployment are the main reasons that have cast an eerie spell on this increase. The people have less time to shop and shop at the mall? Who has time? Everybody is running out of money and when they return to their homes exhausted in the evening, you can turn on your PC, laptop, desktop tablet or mobile device and make a purchase from the online store.

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It’s the everyday routine of the busy people in the world? Doesn’t it?
The luxuries discounts that retailers offer to lure us during the season of Christmas are profitable and must be taken advantage of. Furthermore, the discounts offer us help us get some incredible products for a affordable price, and it is the case! The internet has energized businesses and brought the industry a fresh perspective for both sellers and customers.

What’s an eCommerce website?
E-commerce websites simply refer to purchasing on the internet. The beginnings of online shopping go back to about two decades in 1991 when commercial usage was permitted through the internet. In the beginning, the term was only used for the use of electronic transactions in commerce through EFT & EDI. The coinage later changed into the meaning that is currently used, i.e. the websites that sell online or websites that offer merchandise or services that are sold.

History In Brief
It began like this. In the early 2000s the majority of business organisations across the United States and the Western Europe began to represent their businesses online. This caused a revolution, and people began buying products on the internet. In the beginning, the term”e-commerce development company” did not exist.

The internet was also a relatively new phenomenon in the late 1990s, and the dot-com crisis caused a lot of damage in the global market. However, one of the online retailing firms ‘Brick & Mortar’ was a magnet for customers and benefited from the strategies of electronic commerce. Once the idea was established that e-commerce was a viable option, different kinds of e-commerce like the Business-to-Business model or B2B, as well as the Business-to Consumer model, B2C, and various other models began to appear.

Revenue Generation
A recent study has shown that in just three months, eCommerce websites generate more than $150,000 monthly revenues and about $330,000 in annual revenue. It is expected that within a several years, the revenue will grow at $1,000,000, which will grow by 230% in the span of 3 years.

Some E-Commerce Sites
In the period of 1971 and 1972, ARPANET was created to facilitate a sale of cannabis for students at Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stanford and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It was an online-based seminar and is believed to be the first online sale in the world.

Today, thanks to the enormous success of Amazon and Flipkart E-commerce websites have been appearing like a flurry. The convenience and importance of selling goods and services in only one click has enticed numerous business professionals in a positive way. As a result many e-commerce sites are being created almost every day. However, creating an online store requires good management skills as well as a solid understanding of marketing and development expertise to make your website stand out among the many like online shopping sites.

What should we do? Let’s take a look

Web Hosting Service
Hosting your site online in a professional manner will allow your customers to easily access your site. Selecting a reliable hosting service is therefore crucial to launch your e-commerce website. A good web hosting service boosts the speed of your website’s loading as well as secures it and decreases the rate of offline traffic. When choosing a good web hosting provider, you should check the reliability, accessibility, uptime, and its authenticity. Jimdo, Weebly are some of the hosting providers which have the drag-and-drop feature which allows hosting websites for e-commerce.

Or are they mediators?
The term “affiliate market” refers to the role of an intermediary between the supplier and customer. They are unable to communicate and conduct business directly with one with each. The entire process is overseen by mediators who they are paid commissions for every transaction. It’s your decision whether you’d like to have a mediator in place or not? A lot of online stores work through the mediator, and occasionally businessmen would like to be mediators since it yields more revenue than direct sales.
There are websites that sell directly the items or services with no intermediary. Websites like eBay, OLX connect the buyers and sellers directly, and without mediators.

Converting your sales into conversion to generate ROI requires a call-to action strategy. Call-to-action does not have to be just the link that your customers click when they purchase. It also outlines the benefits your customers receive from you or would like to receive from you. So discounts or special offers that they receive can be a call-to-action strategy.The margin reduction for items or services you offer is based on the amount of discount or deduction you offer for every sale. The availability of your products and their proper categorization draw the attention of customers.