If you are shopping for a new mattress you might be surprised by the wide choice of sizes available on the market today. This is especially true if you are mattress searching online; trying to understand the differences between mattress sizes from manufacturers in the UK, USA or Europe can be quite confusing.

General Guideline

The size of your next mattress or bed will depend on your personal needs, sleeping preferences and obviously, if you already have one, the size of your mattress delivery bed. Nevertheless you should be aware of a few points concerning the bed industry:

1. Mattress sizes in Britain remain the same whichever manufacturer makes the mattress, a single mattress will always be 90cm x 190cm for example.

2. Mattresses in Britain are smaller than those in the United States. For example, you should then be aware that an American Kingsize mattress is 193 cm wide and 203 cm long whereas a British Kingsize mattress is 150 cm width and 200 cm long.

3. An ideal mattress should be at least 6 inches longer than your height to ensure you to have room enough for a good night’s sleep.

UK standard mattress sizes

As a guide so you make the right choice, listed below are the standard mattress sizes available in the UK in centimeters and the equivalent in feet and inches:

· Small Single Mattresses:Width 75cm x Length 190 cm / Width 2ft6 x Length 6ft3

· Single Mattresses:Width 90cm x Length 190cm / Width 3ft x Length 6ft3

· Small Double Mattresses:Width 120cm x Length 190 cm / Width 4ft x Length 6ft3

· Double Mattresses:Width 135cm x Length 190 cm / Width 4ft6 x Length 6ft3

· Kingsize Mattresses:Width 150cm x Length 200 cm / Width 5ft x Length 6ft6

· Super Kingsize Mattresses:Width 180cm x Length 200 cm / Width 6ft x Length 6ft6